WEBVTT 1 00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:00.690 Text, Pay yourself first. 2 00:00:02.160 --> 00:00:03.840 A dollar sign appears on the screen. 3 00:00:06.918 --> 00:00:08.910 The dollar sign turns into a dollar sign inside a light bulb. 4 00:00:28.500 --> 00:00:29.070 An animation shows orange coins being inserted into the top of a piggy bank. 5 00:00:58.510 --> 00:01:05.500 Text, How Money Works. The hypothetical percentage rates and values are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent any actual investment. Interest rates (or rates of return) are consistent nominal rates, unlike actual investments, which will fluctuate in value. Subject to applicable taxes. If fees and taxes were included, results would be lower. PRIMERICA and the Primerica Logo are trademarks of Primerica, Inc., registered in the US and Canada. HOW MONEY WORKS is a trademark of Primerica, Inc. All rights reserved. For more information and important disclosures, visit Primerica.com.